Participation of the Municipality of Larissa in the meeting of the European program for Europe for Citizens "HE-ART: Heart of Europe - a network of cities promoting heart culture, solidarity and intergration" in Rieti, Italy


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The Municipality of Larissa participates in the Europe for Citizens program - "HE-ART: Heart of Europe - a network of cities promoting heart culture, solidarity and intergration". The aim of the program is to create a network of cultural points ("Heart Sisters") which through art, artistic play, dialogue and volunteering will promote solidarity, peace, acceptance, enhancing active citizenship to overcome xenophobia and stigmatization. The coordinating partner of the program is Drustvo za Naravno Ucenje Z Dozivljanje Umetnosti In Narave G (Slovenia) and the other partners: Drustvo za podporo civilne druzbe (Slovenia), Integration for Alla (Sweden) , Bashkia Lezhe (Albania), Shoqata Shqiptare and Ambjentalisteve Industriale (Albania), Municipality of Larissa (Greece), Municipality of Medina del Campo (Spain), Sandanski (Bulgaria), Sdruzhenie Yuni Partners (Bulgaria), Mata-malam Comitato 10 Febbraio (Italy), Municipality of Rieti (Italy), Hjelmsjövik HVB Hem (Sweden).

The 6th and the last international workshop of the partners on "TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF CULTURE - ENGAGING UNEMPLOYED YOUTH" took place in Rieti, Italy, from 13 to 14 April 2019.
During the meeting a "Cooperation agreement of the international network of HE-ART European heart points and their permanent and sustainable operation was signed". With this pact, this network declares its intention to use and display the "heart points" of each city as a good practice in the field of culture, as an example that creates cultural tourism and is a point of connection and interconnection at both local and at national and European level. For Larissa, the "heart point" is the Papp's Mill as a multipurpose space of civilization.

The participants took part in an open event by pupils at a school in the region on immigration and refugee flows. They visited the city's historical sites and were briefed on the cultivation and production of traditional products in the area. Finally, they visited the Franciscus Monastery of Assisi.

At the workshop on behalf of the Municipality of Larissa participated the employee of the Department of Electromechanical Works and Maintenance, Ms Sinapalou Anastasia.


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