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Pedestrian Streets Smart Access Monitoring System

Pedestrian Streets Smart Access Monitoring System

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Κοινωνικός Διαμοιρασμός:

Central area characteristics

  • Higher population density
  • Mixed land use: commerce, administration, housing, hotel, restaurants, banking, tourism
  • Illegal parking and access to pedestrian streets network

Larissa is the only city in Europe that operates a Pedestrian Streets Smart Monitoring System in a control zone of:

  • 397 acres (!) control area of the pedestrianized center of the city (North Section > 182 acres & South Section >215 acres)
  • 3,6 km total perimeter of the control zone
  • 43 access points
  • 127 vertical posts, both permanent and sliding (bollards), for physical separation
  • 86 plate recognition cameras, targeting the plates (not passengers) and only by recognizing the certified sign the sliding bollards are lowered
  • 1 control center at the City Hall (24/7) for remote operations (28m2 for equipment and staff)
  • 1 cloud-based platform capable of hosting additional functionalities and smart city apps
  • User information app on the operations of the pedestrianized zone, rights of access, etc.

The main cases of access in the Pedestrian Control Zone are: 1) Permanent access, 2) Temporary access and 3) Emergency.

Access request through:

Requests through the platform or the application (for IOS & Android) (since 25/07/2021-14/10/2022)

Α) Annual Licenses > 1.347

  • Permanent residents (711)
  • Supplies – distribution companies (595)

Β) Requests for Temporary Access

  • (limited time) > 20.496
  • lHotels  > 11.124
  • lParking stations > 4.703
  • Commerce and food services* > 4.066

* Supply schedule: Monday - Sunday from 06:00 to 10:00 & Monday - Saturday from 14:30 to 17:00. Overtime supplies are done exclusively at the designated loading and unloading points around the Pedestrian Control Zone.

C) Emergency (medical) 142

Statistics: Comparative results Before and After the operation of the system

  • Reduction in crossings per day from authorized vehicles: a) North part 67,46% less b) South part 69,49% less
  • The daily average before operation was 1187 crossings and after two months it has dropped to 285!
  • In a total of 20.496 crossings we had ONLY 78 collision accidents (3 per thousand /0.003!)
  • And ALL with driver responsibility (double crossing, marking violation) and not system failings


  • Attribute the public pedestrianized space to the citizens in terms of quality & safety
  • Less environmental impact
  • New mentality of users (mainly in supply chains / distribution)


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Municipality of Larissa, 1 Ionos Dragoumi str P.C. 41222

Call center: 2413 500 200
E-mail: protokolo@larissa.gov.gr

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