Mill of Pappas

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Κοινωνικός Διαμοιρασμός:

The Pappas Mill is a cultural heritage museum in Larissa, a living part of the history of our city with a significant legacy of memories.

Its' founders, Constantine Pappas, Constantine Skalioras and Christos Dimitriadis once bought in the Tampakika district an area of 10 acres and created a milling company, founding and operating a mill in 1893, at a time when Larissa still maintained an intense Turkish aura as a city.

Today the mill hosts a multitude of cultural activities. A Dance School and its' operational offices, visual arts workshops, a small theater with the hosting capacity of 150 people, the Philharmonic of the City, a film club and a puppet theater.

Thus it is still continuing its' offerings to the city of Larissa on different terms. The imposing facade inspires awe to visitors, evokes memories of the past and connects the present with the past eras of the city‘s growth.

Summer mill cinema

Mill's Summer Cinema

The mill

Mill's bar


Mill's Theatre


Mill's Puppet


Municipality of Larissa, 1 Ionos Dragoumi str P.C. 41222

Call center: 2413 500 200

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